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RUMOR: Expectations for a LeBron James extension around NBA, revealed

Quinn Cook, LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is now eligible to sign a two-year extension with the team. While that hasn’t happened yet, there is no sign of The King wanting out of LA anytime soon.

In fact, the vibe around the NBA is that Bron will extend his time with the Lakers. Via NBC Sports:

“That is why most people NBC Sports has spoken with around the league expect LeBron James to sign the extension in some form. Eventually. He may well milk the leverage to send a message about roster changes — although it’s not like Rob Pelinka and company have not tried to trade Westbrook — but in the end, LeBron does not give off the vibe of a guy looking to bolt Los Angeles.”

Despite a poor campaign in 2020-21 for the Lakers, James clearly loves LA. But, the moment Bronny James becomes draft eligible, there is a very good chance LeBron leaves LA to fulfill the dream of playing with his son. That could potentially happen with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As of right now, LeBron James has three options. He can play out next season and become a free agent in the summer of 2023. Sign the two-year deal and stay with the Lakers until 40 years old at the minimum. Or, extend for two years but have the second year as a player option.

If James decides to not put pen to paper on a new contract, the speculation will of course grow. We’re talking about LeBron James here. That being said, it’s clear he’s settled in Los Angeles with his family life and it would make little sense for him to pack up his bags and leave at this point. Down the road? Maybe. But for now, it’s likely out of the question.