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Rumor: Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma posts cryptic tweet about Cavs’ Kevin Love

Kevin Love, Kyle Kuzma, Cavs, Lakers

While everyone is still patiently waiting on the decision of one Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Lakers youngster Kyle Kuzma had an interesting post on Twitter.

What could be interesting in Kevin Love’s summer?

Aside from the rumors that the Portland Trail Blazers are interested in trading for him, the veteran forward who helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship back in 2016 has been relatively quiet. He still has three years left in his contract with the Cavs, so unless he’s going to be shipped to another team, he’s not going anywhere.

The Cavaliers management has said on multiple occasions that they want Love to remain with the team and are committed to making him a part of their future. However, he’s not getting any younger and he’s already injury prone. One could argue that staying in Cleveland might not be in the best interest for both sides.

Now, for those people who are saying that he can be bought out, that is unlikely at this point. The Cavaliers will not pay him $90+ million just to see him join another team. Love will most likely stay in Cleveland over the next two years unless something drastic happens.

Kuzma’s tweet about Love might not mean anything that’s related to him being traded.

For all we know, Love might be doing something that’s completely unrelated to the NBA but is exciting enough to get Kuz’s attention.

So, we can all go back to waiting for Kawhi’s decision, which is again expected to happen today.