Right now, the Los Angeles Lakers are relevant again. Their recent run has LeBron James and Co. looking like a potential threat in the conference. It's still way too early to say, but after seeing this team's drastic improvement from their disastrous start to the campaign, you can't blame Lakers fans for being a bit excited of late.

The Lakers have been very patient with their current roster. Despite calls from both the fans and pundits alike for them to pull the trigger on a trade (or trades), the front office has stood pat. They've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, which in hindsight, now appears to be the right move.

One player that the Lakers reportedly have on their radar is Oklahoma City Thunder star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. LA's objective is to wait it out and see who becomes available as the season progresses, and it seems that they have banked their hopes on the possibility of OKC potentially making SGA available in trade talks. This report comes via Sam Amick of The Athletic.

“My mind goes to, even if it’s unlikely at this point, the star player trade,” Amick said on a recent podcast (h/t SB Nation). “… Months ago there was this kind of ‘pie in the sky’ sense from the Lakers of ‘Well, if Oklahoma City completely tanks, let’s go get Shai.’ Like, I heard Shai’s name coming out of that Lakers camp. But it’s just a dream.”

Amick made it abundantly clear, however, that he doesn't think that this trade is going to happen — especially after Gilgeous-Alexander's emergence as a potential All-Star starter this season. SGA has been so good that the Thunder have likely slapped him with an untouchable status from here on out.

Be that as it may, this speaks volumes of the Lakers' current mindset. They have been patient for a reason, and it seems like they're going to be swinging for the fences if and when the opportunity becomes available.