The Golden State Warriors have struggled early on this season despite being defending NBA Champions. They are 11-11 but might be turning a corner, having won three of their last four and five of the last seven. It's possible the team chemistry took a while to form this season amid the Draymond Green beef with Jordan Poole. Green has struggled himself, but his value has never really been tied to his stats.

Amidst the Warriors and Green's struggles on the court, rumors have stirred that the enigmatic forward wouldn't mind being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. During an interview last week with Andscape, Green addressed those rumors.

“I never said that. People can say what they want. I’m also not really one to react much to what one may say. I react to things when I want to react to it. I don’t react to things just because somebody said it,” Green said.

As much as Golden State has not looked like a defending champion, a trade to Los Angeles would make even less sense. The Lakers have been among the worst teams in the league this season, despite showing signs of life lately. Plus, a trade of that magnitude is highly unlikely.

The Lakers do not have any first round draft picks until 2027 and only two the rest of this decade. They also do not have many, if any, valuable young players they could include in a deal. So, whether or not Draymond Green wanted to be moved to the Lakers, that's not likely to happen.