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Video: Lakers’ LeBron James, Lonzo Ball redeem themselves with Showtime fastbreak

lebron james, lonzo ball

After a failed play which showed a seeming lack of chemistry, LeBron James and Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers redeemed themselves.

Via NBA on ESPN, check out the clip below where James threw a pass which landed on Ball’s head. Towards the end of the clip, the two briefly discussed what went wrong.

A few possessions later, the two connected on an alley-oop dunk where Lonzo Ball was the recipient. And when they crossed paths, they shared a high-five.

This is just one among the many alley-oops between the two. The Lakers have the luxury of having two high-IQ players on their team who share almost a similar playstyle.

The statistics do not reveal Lonzo Ball’s impact on the team. But it is through the little plays above that show how much potential he possesses. He’s willing to communicate and learn from his mistakes. Once LeBron James hangs up his sneakers for good, we may see his reincarnation in Ball.

James, for his part, is still well in his prime after 16 years in the league. He has displayed no signs of slowing down. If all goes well, he might be on his way to a fourth or possibly a fifth ring.