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Video: Staples Center crowd chanting ‘We want Paul’ while Paul George inbounds the ball

Paul George

Paul George may have thought it was an easy decision to stay in Oklahoma City by his own words, but the fans in Los Angeles won’t make it such a simple choice.

Thursday night was set as the Thunder squared off against the young Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center in what was a fun, exciting game.

Just hours after the NBA trade deadline had left the team without Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., opening tip-off preceded another game between the two western conference teams in the same week.

There isn’t a more stark contrast between the two since the Lakers are young with no NBA superstar to lead them, while the Thunder are riding on the backs of their Big Three. It’s difficult to win in the NBA, but the Lakers have had plenty of shining moments this season, and twice this month against Russell Westbrook and his squad.

Looking for a bit of revenge, the Thunder once again found themselves in the middle of a shootout with the Lakers, and Los Angeles seemed to once again have an answer for anything that came at them. They handily blew out the Thunder leading most of the way to a 106-81 victory, and showing they are more than enough support for the 27-year-old All-Star should he decide to sign on.

It’s already a known fact that the Lakers brass would love to have George on the team, and while they haven’t spoken on it since being warned once about tampering, it’s no surprise that the moves made Thursday would help facilitate cap space for a summer where they can legally recruit the All-Star forward.

George is also from the Los Angeles area, Palmdale to be exact, and the hometown crowd let it be known who they wanted as George inbounded on one play — although he didn’t seem affected by it one bit.

George will have a tough choice to make in free agency no matter how much he’s enjoying himself this season in Oklahoma City. One thing is for sure, having the fans of his own hometown showing him plenty of love, with a hungry team, will be tough to pass on.