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LaMelo Ball blasted Lithuanian teammates after Borat prank

LaMelo Ball

If you want a quick way to upset LaMelo Ball, brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball and son of the outspoken LaVar Ball, all you need to do is compare him with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character.

That’s exactly what LaMelo’s former teammates in Lithuania did to him one time during the younger Ball’s stint there, as revealed during a recently-released premier episode of Season 3 of Ball In The Family.

In the episode, LaMelo could be seen arriving at Vytautas’ locker room, where his teammates had juxtaposed images of LaMelo and Borat around the place. Based on his actions upon seeing the photos, it was clear that LaMelo did not find the prank funny at all.

You could watch the scene start at around the 16-minute mark of the video below.

S3:E1 Izzy's Arrival

In the Season 3 premiere of Ball In The Family, Gelo and Izzy reunite as he deals with a tough performance in Lithuania and even tougher press. Melo has trouble on and off the court with his team but finds an opportunity to rise when they need him most. Meanwhile, Lavar announces the launch of the JBA tryouts.

Posted by Ball In The Family on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Also in the video, LaMelo was asked whether he likes his teammates to which he said he’d rather skip answering the question, a clear sign that he didn’t jive that well with his Lithuanian colleagues — the same players LaVar accused of stealing LaMelo’s shoes.

“I’m just not meshing with the team right now. I don’t feel the teammates support me or welcome me. They don’t like me.”

LaMelo Ball is currently back in U.S. soil, where he continues his basketball career playing for Los Angeles Ballers in the JBA league.