LaVar Ball accuses LaMelo's Lithuanian teammates of stealing his shoes
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LaVar Ball accuses LaMelo’s Lithuanian teammates of stealing his shoes

LaVar Ball, LaMelo Ball

When LaVar Ball took his kids overseas to Lithuania to play basketball, it instantly became a media hotspot and according to LaVar, that made some of the players on the team jealous of LiAngelo and LaMelo.

“In Lithuania, everybody was like, ‘Melo!’ The old dudes was like, ‘We ain’t getting no love,’” LaVar recounted to a staffer at the Professional Basketball Combine, in a video captured by Hoop Journey via LonzoWire. “That’s what he do with a signature shoe there. And then, when they were cleaning out the lockers, they stole his shoes.”

Evidently, the players were so jealous that the players stole some of LaMelo’s shoes out of his locker room. As concerning as that was you would think that LaVar should be happy that more players were wearing his shoes. Also according to LaVar, the three Ball brothers are going to become billionaires, so they should have plenty of money to get a few extra pairs of shoes.

LaVar told Hoop Journey via LonzoWire that his sons are going to be the first billionaires playing ball.

“I’m telling you: Lonzo, Gelo and Melo will be the first ball players to be billionaires playing ball,” LaVar said.

“Melo’s shoes [the Melo Ball 1] are $400, Lonzo’s shoes [the ZO2 Prime Remix] are $500,” LaVar explained. “If they sell a million within a year or two, I’m giving them all the money, so that’s $400-500 million right there.”

Those seem like some nice lofty goals, but none of the Big Baller shoes have exactly flown off the shelf, so thinking that they can sell a million within a few years is really pushing it.

The one thing you can’t fault LaVar for is having high hopes and dreams, but this one seems like it’s going to take quite a miracle to pull off.