LaVar Ball says he and LaMelo can beat James and Jordan 2-on-2
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LaVar Ball says he and LaMelo can beat LeBron James and Michael Jordan 2-on-2

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Another week in the NBA offseason wouldn’t be complete without the Ball family in the news. And boy, does good ol’ LaVar have another doozy of a hot take for basketball fans to gush over.

Overtime recently shared a clip of the elder Ball being asked whether or not he and and his youngest son, LaMelo, could beat the legendary Michael Jordan and future Hall of Famer LeBron James in a 2-on-2 contest. Naturally, LaVar’s unwavering bravado kicked in and had this to say:

“You already know I got me and Melo against LeBron and Jordan, anybody – me and my son against anybody; we’ll play and we’ll win.”

At this point, people have gotten accustomed to LaVar’s braggadocio and are simply shrugging off his sound bytes as mere publicity stunts. Ball and his oft-maligned remarks certainly make for great media fodder, but there’s also no denying that His Airness and King James will decimate LaVar and LaMelo in a pickup game.

Well, the father-and-son duo could win in an updated version of NBA Jam, but that’s about it.