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LaVar Ball says Michael Jordan would only score two points against him

lavar ball

For all the logic-defying noise that LaVar Ball has made these past several months, his claim that the great Michael Jordan could not beat him one-on-one during his prime years tops it all — by far.

The founder of Big Baller Brand, his family’s apparel business, has become a fountain of sound bites for the media, regardless if his statements make sense or not. But for all the flak he has received, somehow, Ball’s strategy has worked in gaining free publicity towards his brand.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, LaVar Ball revisited his Michael Jordan claim, not to tame his statement, but to further add fuel to whatever faint fire it has remaining. Ball got into detail what he thinks would be the score in his fantasy pick-up game against Jordan.

“..13-2, he got two — and only reason I give him two is cause he’s Jordan. He’s too little, too little to guard me.”

At least, Michael Jordan’s stature earned himself two points in LaVar Ball’s book — talk about the privilege of being the greatest basketball player of all-time.