Before leaving for Warriors, Kevin Durant looked for new home in OKC
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Before leaving for Warriors, Kevin Durant looked for new home in OKC

Kevin Durant

Prior to Kevin Durant announcing his decision on the Players’ Tribune to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, most indications pointed to KD staying in OKC, at least for another year.

Along with a close friend saying that there was a 90 percent chance that he’d re-sign with the Thunder, Durant had reportedly told a number of people in OKC’s front office that he was going to come back.

Even if you didn’t take Durant’s word at the time, his actions also pointed to a new contract being reached between Kevin and the only franchise he’d ever played for.

From ESPN’s Royce Young:

[Durant] assured people he was coming back. Even the week before he took off for the Hamptons, he was in Nichols Hills, a suburb of Oklahoma City, seriously looking to buy a multi-million dollar home. The Thunder had every reason to believe he was going to stay to finish what he started.

Perhaps a week before free agency, Durant really did feel that he was going to remain a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. We kept hearing that KD was going to need somebody to blow him away before he’d really consider departing from the city and the franchise, and that’s exactly what the Warriors did.

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