LeBron James is currently playing in his seventh career NBA Finals, as well as his sixth consecutive individually (four with the Miami Heat, now two with the Cleveland Cavaliers).

That's a historic feat that deserves to be appreciated, but all the media tends to fixate on is the fact that James is 2-4 in the Finals in the past. Now that his Cavs are trailing this year's series 1-0, the critics are chirping loudly once again.

James has been in this spot many times before. In losing Game 1 on Thursday, LeBron has compiled an atrocious career record in Game 1s of the Finals.

Teams that win the first game of a series go on to win that series over 70 percent of the time in the NBA, so James has consistently had to dig himself and his teams out of holes to try and defy the odds.

The defeat at the hands of the Warriors was hardly LeBron's fault. He managed to put up 23 points, 12 rebounds, and nine assists, but it wasn't enough to keep Golden State from running away with the game.

James' only Game 1 victory in the Finals came in 2011 against the Dallas Mavericks. As you probably remember, Dallas came back to win that series in six games.

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