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LeBron James’ height: How tall is the Lakers’ superstar?

LeBron James is a generational player. How many players of his caliber can contain his athleticism or his intelligent IQ for the game? Over the past 18 seasons, James has shown perfection in a basketball player. He has excelled throughout his career. He has reached a great height in basketball… but what is LeBron James’ height, first of all? Here’s the answer:

LeBron James’ Height: 6-foot-8

How tall is LeBron James? When you describe the way he plays basketball, many would picture him as a player who over towers his competition. But in reality, LeBron only stands at 6 foot 8, playing the small forward position. LeBron James’ height may not be as considerable as Yao Ming or Manute Bol, but James’ size allows him to be a force to be wrecking with on both sides of the floor.

On the offensive end, James standing at 6-foot-8 gives him a small height advantage against players at his position. Most wing players stand from around 6-foot-4 to 6-foot-7. James’ extra height advantage gives him more elevation when he is shooting on the perimeter. Defenders tend to struggle when looking to block his shot to get a stop. When LeBron James’ height enables him to shoot over the top of defenders, this next point is untouchable: When he has his jump shot in rhythm, defenders are usually in for a very long night.

Shooting is one thing, but when James is penetrating to the rim there is nearly no way of stopping him. He is known as a freight train that bullies his way inside. LeBron James’ height and strength give him an advantage to brush odd defenders and make his way for an easy lay in. For 18 years in the NBA, James has shown that his length and agility gives him no problems on the offensive end. Now, unless small forwards somehow grow over time, then there may be  different story.

Let’s look at LeBron James’ height on defense. We understand how James’ height gives him an advantage to elevate. Well, on defense, it is surely the same energy. According to basketball reference, James shows to be average 0.8 blocks per game throughout his career. He uses his momentum and elevation to stop opponents from getting in rhythm, which results in another possession going his team’s way. Over the past few seasons, critics have been concerned with James’ defensive impact late in his career. Despite him wanting to take back seats on that end, James shows that his height is a huge advantage for him.

Over the years, we have witnessed LeBron James’ height and frame come huge in key playoff matchups. For instance. James going against then Raptors star Demar DeRozan lead to dominance. DeRozan stands at 6-foot-6, giving James a two inch advantage when going head to head. From 2016-2018, we watched James have some of his best playoff games by dominating DeRozan and the Raptors. He showed the ability to get to the rim at will and even made perimeter shots efficiently. There was a reason why 2017 and 2018 Eastern Semifinals was a sweep. James was a man on a mission against Toronto.

Let’s look back into the 2013 NBA Finals, as the Miami Heat faced the San Antonio Spurs. For the most part, James struggled throughout the series. The tenacious perimeter defense of Kawhi Leonard forced him to adjust his game during the series. Although it may have been a struggle, James still showed up in a huge manner. LeBron James’ height shows up in this manner, not just his physical stature.

Many will remember the big time block on the attempted dunk on Tiago Splitter. The situation showed how dynamic James can be — and how great LeBron James’ height is in a more expansive sense — when he sets his mind to a task. Even with a height difference between James and Splitter, James’  IQ gives him the ability to time himself and meet up at the rim with defenders.

At this point in his career, LeBron James’ height is still a very high usage in his game. Father Time seems to be fading away the way James has played. He still shows that he is the most dominant player in the NBA. Defenses continue to be aware of him on the court. More times than none, there is no chance of stopping him when he makes his first step. James still displays high flying plays and terrific passing on the floor. At this point, nobody knows when he will ever slow down.

A 6-foot-8 advantage doesn’t seem like much. But for LeBron James, it is just enough to dominate the floor the way he has been. Since his days in High School, James has displayed excellence at his height and continues to do so going forward. If you ask other players around the NBA, they will explain how difficult it has been to defend LeBron James throughout the years. James is a once in a lifetime player who continues to exceed expectations. LeBron James’ height is so much more than the raw numbers and geometry.