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LeBron James' wife: Savannah Brinson LeBron James,

LeBron James’ wife: Savannah Brinson

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is know for his great play off the court, as well as his endeavors off it. In this specific post, however, we’re looking at LeBron James’ wife — who is Savannah Brinson — and how it all came to be.

LeBron James’ wife: Savannah Brinson

LeBron James' wife: Savannah Brinson LeBron James,

The couple married in 2013, while a performance by Beyonce and Jay-Z highlighted the non-vow part of the evening, after several years together.

According to popular lore, Savannah Brinson and LeBron James had a humble first date, heading out for dinner at the wildly underrated Outback Steakhouse. The conversation must have been as good as the food, as the pair decided to keep seeing each other.

Hooray for the glory that is chain restaurants bringing people together!

After that, it’s mostly quick history.

The NBA power couple have three children, including a son who is a monster college basketball prospect in Bronny James, all while amassing a fortune most members of the human species can’t even dare to dream of obtaining. According to Radio, King James and Savannah Brinson have a net-worth of $480 million. That’s a lot of money!

Heck, even their youngest, Zhuri James, has her own YouTube channel. The family legacy continues to grow:

Circling back to Savannah Brinson, while everyone knows just about everything LeBron related, not everyone is as kept up on LeBron’s wife; though, to be clear, maybe we should be more accurately portraying this as just Savannah and Brinson’s husband.

In high school, Brinson was both a cheerleader and involved in softball. When she began dating, she apparently had no idea who LeBron was, or about his presumed athletic prowess. In a profile of Savannah Brinson, Business Insider reports that the future power couple were expecting their first child at the end of her high school journey.


Nevertheless, there was to be, as it is for nearly every other high school in the country, a prom to attend — a situation where a debacle was averted.

“I guess you could say he was a pretty good date,” Savannah said in a speech at YWCA’s Circle 2017. “After all, we’re still going on more dates, three kids, and 15 years later.”

If we fast forward a few years, you’ll notice the dynamic of the relationship hasn’t changed even though the two’s star profile continues to brighten. LeBron James goes out in the world to play professional basketball, dabble in Hollywood projects and the like. As for Savannah Brinson, she’s the real head of the household.

“I’m gone a lot, so she is the boss of the household; she’s the rule-setter,” LeBron James told Vogue. “It’s hard for me to go on the road for two and half weeks and then come home and tell my kids, ‘Look, this is how it should be done’ when she’s been home every day.”

Your damn skippy, LeBron.

As for what these powerful members of the human species do now that they went from high school sweethearts to an NBA mega-couple, it’s a lot of giving back in truly altruistic ways. While LeBron James gets most of the headlines — thanks a lot, SEO gods — Savannah is as crucial to the I Promise School initiative, opened in 2018 and supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation.

In fact, Savannah Brinson founded the I PROMise Makeover. It’s an annual event providing underprivileged teens with prom dresses. The LeBron James Family Foundation has also donated $41 million of scholarship money to University of Akron students.

Take that Bill Gates!

LeBron James' wife: Savannah Brinson LeBron James,


What’s interesting about the entire James family story is that it is far from over. The aforementioned Bronny James will likely be in the basketball spotlight for years to come, the entire family is a hit on social media, and both LeBron James and Savannah Brinson continue to grow and evolve in areas outside of basketball.

Whatever Savannah wants to accomplish next, it’ll likely be done, as she’s seemed to set goals for herself over the years, obtaining each one whenever she puts her mind to it.

People often use the trope of “behind every good man is a good woman.” That’s neat and fine and whatever, really. We shouldn’t be doing LeBron’s wife nonsense or other WAG-ish tomfoolery. It puts too much emphasis on the man and treats the woman like a commodity. Especially not for this woman, as she’s as smart, hardworking and dedicated to her causes.

Savannah Brinson is her own person, not just LeBron James’ wife, who has done tremendously well for herself professionally and personally. We can probably learn something from her.