It's not a stretch to say that Aidan Hutchinson is the future of the Detroit Lions. The Michigan native was drafted second overall by his hometown team in the 2022 NFL draft. Hutchinson is expected to be the foundation of a budding defense for a team that hasn't found any semblance of playoff success.

With that in mind, the Lions' rookie edge rusher has a lot of high goals for himself in the coming years. One of the things he'd like to do is to “smack” the greatest QB of all time. Aidan Hutchinson, in an interview with Saints star Cam Jordan, said that he'd like to talk some smack against Tom Brady if he ever gets a sack on him. (via

“I mean I grew up dressing like Tom Brady for like Halloween and stuff. So like if I were able to smack Tom Brady and get a sack on him, and hopefully, you know, talk some smack when we get up.”

While that's a great goal to set, there are a few things preventing Hutchinson from sacking Brady. First off, the Lions and the Buccaneers don't play each other in the regular season. Unless they somehow meet in the playoffs, Hutchinson won't get a shot at Brady this season. It's also possible that he'll never get to face Brady, since the QB could retire after this season.

Of course, if ever Hutchinson lines up against Brady at some point, it's still not a guarantee for the Lions rookie. After all, Brady's pocket presence is unmatched. Still, Michigan fans are hoping that their star rookie gets a shot a greatness at some point in his career.