With snow pouring in reportedly over 70 inches of snow in the Buffalo area, the NFL has moved the location of Week 11's game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns to Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. This change has left more work for the stadium's staff, who will also have to work earlier than usual ahead of Week 12 because of next week's Thanksgiving game involving the Lions and the Bills. Not many people are going to think about the tremendous work of Ford Field's crew, but not Lions head coach Dan Campbell, who made sure to give them a shoutout.

“They didn't intend on spending their whole weekend and really the next week leading into Thanksgiving dealing with all this,” Campbell said to reporters ahead of the Lions' own Week 11 assignment against the New York Giants on the road.

It could have also been easy for Campbell to overlook the people who do plenty of behind-the-scenes work at Ford Field, especially with the Lions having quite a stretch. But Campbell was not going to let the opportunity to appreciate them go by.

The Lions are on a two-game win streak, which isn't really much for most other teams, but Detroit is a team that truly could use such to boost their morale. After beating Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at home in Week 9, 15-9, the Lions took down Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Week 10, 31-30.

After the Giants game, the Lions will be at home for their next three outings.