The doom and gloom was creeping in on the Green Bay Packers franchise in the first half of their Week 2 matchup against the Detroit Lions.

After getting blown out of the water in Week 1, Aaron Rodgers and his men never led before halftime against a Lions team that they were heavily favored to beat. Jared Goff matched Rodgers touchdown for touchdown, including an absolute beauty to go ahead midway through the second frame.

But the Packers flipped the script in the second half, blanking the lions while scoring 21 points of their own. Jared Goff was vocal on the loss, claiming their demise was caused by self-inflicted errors.

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“Yeah, we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot there,” the Lions QB said, via the official game transcript. “We had a good thing going in the first half, and it was looking how we expected it to look, really. Yeah, just kept shooting ourselves in the foot in the second half.”

There was a failed attempt on 4th-and-1, a fumbled pass from Goff, and an interception a few drives later. The same sentiments were echoed by Lions head coach Dan Campbell.

“The turnovers. That was the big thing,” said the Lions coach. “The one possession we didn't score on in the first half was our own doing. We had a holding call, we had a false start, we had an intentional grounding. And then you go into the second half and we had the fumbled snap, so that's a wasted snap. They fall on it. We had the interception, trying to make a play. Which I understand why he's trying to make a play, you're down that much. It's self-inflicted wounds.”

Jared Goff and the Lions had a tremendous second half in Week 1, then a similar first half showing in Week 2. They've shown that they're capable of playing at a high level in spurts. Now it's just a matter of maintaining that consistency for all four quarters.