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Kim Mulkey goes ballistic on referee as LSU Tigers get throttled by Kentucky

LSU, Kim Mulkey

LSU women’s basketball team head coach Kim Mulkey absolutely lost it and got in the face of a referee after seeing what she deemed as unfair officiating in the game against Kentucky.

Late in the fourth quarter of the game, during which LSU was way behind 70-58, Mulkey went ballistic at an official after the lack of foul call when one of her players shot a 3-pointer. The Tigers coach couldn’t hold herself back as she entered the court and shouted at the referee.

Of course she got a technical foul in the process. However, that punishment might have been light given her outburst that also saw her flail her arms. Such act would’ve warranted an ejection on other days.

LSU ended up losing to the Kentucky squad, 78-63. Kim Mulkey’s Tigers dropped to 25-5 in the SEC Tournament.

It remains to be seen if there will be further punishment on Mulkey after the incident, though the next time we’ll see the LSU Tigers, it will be in the NCAA Tournament.

With that said, Mulkey is probably ready to move on from the viral incident and instead focus on their preparations for the competition. She is in her first year with the Tigers after 21 seasons at Baylor, and sure enough, the 59-year-old tactician would want to bring the same level of success to Louisiana.