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Luke Walton Surprised at Kevin Durant’s Decision to Sign with Warriors

This past 4th of July the world was exploding, and not just because of the fireworks. Instead, it was because it was the day Kevin Durant announced he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors. Twitter went wild, Klay Thompson thought it was not true and Luke Walton was one of many who were surprised at Durant’s decision.
In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the former assistant coach to the Warriors said he thought “Oklahoma City’s performance in the playoffs would have convinced Durant to re-sign.”

“I was just surprised because they really had us on the ropes and that was a series that they probably should have won, being up 3-1. And they were just beating up on us,” Walton continued. “And, I feel like when you get close to getting back to the finals, that would have been motivation to stay with that team.”
While Walton’s perspective on Durant’s decision to leave is appealing, others may find it more interesting that Durant left after being with the Oklahoma City Thunder for eight years. This is the team Durant was first time All-NBA five times with, made it to the NBA finals in 2012 and MVP. However, people might also find it questionable that Walton left to coach the Los Angeles Lakers after having a spectacular season, and even serving as head coach while Steve Kerr was out. I guess it all depends on what the individual values.

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