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Madden 21 unleashes humongous patch to improve game

Madden 21 patch, Madden 21 roster update

Electronic Arts has launched a large patch to fix some of the bugs and quirks in the latest iteration of their football game franchise, Madden 21.

While the Madden and FIFA series’ are among the most popular in the sports gaming world, they are also routinely outed for glitches and bugs by users online.

Developers are hoping this latest patch can cure some of the ills in Madden 21, per RealSport 101.

Some of the fixes include defenders no longer being able to knock the ball out of teammates’ hands on interceptions, as well as decreased penalties for interceptions in traffic and dropped interceptions.

The offensive side of the ball also sees some fixes, with “Outside Zone” and “Stretch” running plays yielding fewer yards per carry on certain difficulties and quarterback fumble frequency increased.

One of the more notable bugs featured fumbles being “launched” across the field after user hit sticks from defensive players. There is also a limitation on “Roughing the Kicker” penalties from certain “Goal Line” formations.

The developers also included an entirely new game mode.

“Superstar KO” now features an “Endless Run” mode which will allow users to compete online for the highest win streak in the mode’s history.

Other fixes include some updates to franchise mode and “Madden Ultimate Team,” which allows players to open packs of cards and boost their players and teams accordingly.

It is abundantly clear the developers at EA are trying to take into account some of the complaints and feedback from gamers. Hopefully the patch will make Madden 21 a more realistic simulation.