A man who was ejected from a Toronto Raptors game during the Eastern Conference Finals was shot and killed in Toronto just days later on June 7, 2016. Sukh Deo, 34, was sitting inside a white Range Rover when two men started firing at him just before 3 p.m. The full article originally reported by the Toronto Sun can be found here.

He originally had moved to Toronto from British Columbia with his wife and young children and was running a trucking company with a friend.

Toronto Police Supt. Reuben Stroble told reporters that the fatal shooting is a “big surprise for this area, especially at this time of day.”

Sohan Deo, who was Sukh's uncle, confirmed that it was his nephew who was killed.

“The family is very upset, it is terrible,” said Deo. “I went there in May and I stayed with him a few days. He took me to where [his] trucking businesses are,” Deo said.

Sukh Deo was well-known to police in British Columbia's Lower Mainland and was a suspect in at least one continuing investigation there at the time of his murder.

His brother Harjit was convicted in a 2005 gangland kidnapping along with others in the Independent Soldiers gang. The kidnap victim had been held in the garage of the Deo family home in New Westminster, B.C. where police later arrested several suspects.

Two men are currently wanted in Deo's murder, police said. They were seen fleeing the area in a black car.

In B.C., Sukh Deo had convictions for resisting a police officer, driving while suspended and assault.

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