Manchester United‘s star forward, Antony, has found himself entangled in a serious legal situation, facing allegations of physical assaults and mental abuse made by his former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, reported by GOAL. The Brazil international voluntarily presented himself to police authorities in both South America and the United Kingdom to address the accusations, vehemently denying all claims against him.

The alleged incidents, dating back to June 2022, involved a series of physical attacks on Cavallin, who claims to have sustained injuries, including a head wound and a sliced finger. Disturbingly, screenshots of abusive messages sent via WhatsApp, reportedly from Antony, were released as evidence. These accusations have raised concerns not only within the football community but also among fans, as Antony is an influential player for Manchester United.

The situation has taken a toll on Antony's personal and professional life, prompting the Premier League club to grant him indefinite leave. Manchester United has allowed him time away from the field to address these serious allegations, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

Antony's current partner, Rosilene Silva, accompanied him during his voluntary questioning at the Greater Manchester Police station. The player spent approximately five hours cooperating with authorities, underscoring his commitment to resolving the matter transparently.

Football enthusiasts worldwide are closely following the developments, hoping for a fair and just resolution to this case. As legal proceedings continue, the focus remains on Antony's ability to handle this challenging situation while maintaining his performance on the pitch. Manchester United and its fans await further updates, anticipating a swift and thorough investigation.