Manchester United winger Antony is set to return to England from Brazil to meet with police and address allegations of domestic violence made by his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, reported by GOAL.

The Brazil international has been granted an indefinite period of absence from the club as investigations into the allegations are ongoing in both Sao Paulo and Manchester.

The allegations against Manchester United's Antony include two separate assaults, with additional claims made by two other women, Rayssa de Freitas and Ingrid Lana. Antony has consistently maintained his innocence and insists that all interactions with the involved women were consensual.

Antony is prepared to cooperate fully with the police investigation, even offering to surrender his mobile phone if required. His willingness to engage with law enforcement underscores his commitment to clearing his name and addressing the allegations head-on.

Previously, Antony appeared on Brazilian television to provide an interview in which he vehemently asserted his innocence. His decision to meet with the police in the UK reflects his proactive approach to assisting with the ongoing investigation.

The allegations have cast a shadow over Antony's professional career and personal life, and he is determined to address them transparently and responsibly. As the investigation continues, the player remains focused on the pursuit of justice and clearing his name.

Antony's return to England for this meeting with the police demonstrates his commitment to resolving this matter, which has garnered significant attention both in Brazil and the United Kingdom. The outcome of the investigation will determine the next steps in his personal and professional life.