Princeton basketball did it again. After shocking the whole world by beating Arizona to start March Madness, the Tigers kept the momentum going in their favor as they dismantled Missouri in the Round of 32.

It was a battle of the Tigers, but in the end, the no. 15 Princeton was just brimming with confidence. No. 7 Missouri posed no threat at all as Princeton led from start to finish, closing the contest with a 45-37 second half for the 15-point win.

Ryan Langborg led the way for Princeton with 22 points, while Blake Peters added 17 points off the bench. DeAndre Gholston had 19 for Missouri, but no other teammate of his breached 15 points. Noah Carter had the second-best mark for Mizzou with 14.

Sure enough, all of Princeton basketball Twitter exploded after seeing their very own Tigers pull off another upset. Some may call them lucky after shocking the no. 2 seed in Arizona, but doing it against another higher-ranked team proves they are legit.

Normally if someone from Princeton is beating up on the SEC this badly it’s a Republican senator dismantling the Securities and Exchange Commission,” Rodger Sherman of The Ringer wrote.

“It'll be a big deal for Princeton to make the Sweet 16. I bet so many more people will hear of the school and apply!!” Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic hilariously added.

Meanwhile, another fan proudly declared, “Princeton is a basketball school.”

Here are some more of the best reactions to Princeton's epic win:

What a week for Princeton basketball!