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Mark Cuban beat a young Dirk Nowitzki to 1-on-1, quit with 2-1 lead

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki is widely considered as one of the best players to ever played in the NBA. He is a former MVP in 2006, a finals MVP in 2011, and has been named an All-Star 13 times in his stellar career.

He is a 7-foot big man with the rare combination of strong post-moves and extended shooting range which makes it very difficult to defend him. But there’s one person who has beaten him one-on-one during his younger years and he’s not even an NBA player. It’s none other than Mavs owner Mark Cuban.

It certainly is a hilarious story that the team owner can bring with him throughout his lifetime. But one has to wonder how exactly he scored two consecutive baskets on the German international.

It will also be interesting to find out what’s Dirk Nowitzki’s take on it is as he has never been asked yet for his side of the story.

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