The NBA is going to have a spike in revenue because of the new tv contract the NBA recently signed worth 24 billion dollars, and it's going to trickle down to the salary cap.

Players felt they conceded a large enough portion of basketball related income in the last CBA negotiations, and they don’t plan on missing out on the extra money coming into the league starting this summer.

What you may have noticed is that a number of players are opting out of their current contracts, looking for a pay raise next season.

Some players are looking for the maximum amount of money their contracts will allow, while others are dumping bargain deals they signed in hopes of larger riches.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thinks a little bit of caution should be taken, and that some players might be overestimating what is going on, as he explained to ESPN:

Every player thinks it’s just going to be a money train this summer. There’s a lot of money; there’s not THAT much money. … And I think there’s going to be teams that save their money for next year, because it’s a better free agent class. People just presume now that everybody’s going to get paid a lot of money, and it’ll be interesting to see if that happens.

mark cuban
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Cuban believes many teams are going to wait until next season before looking to spend big simply because there are more quality free agents projected to become available.

Taking that into consideration, many teams won’t overspend to sign a player who might not be worth what they're asking for and what they think they deserve.

There are some players who will get the maximum amount, but Cuban doesn't believe it will trickle down the pipeline at the same rate.

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