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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review Scores are in: Best Version?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review Scores, Bioware

Mass Effect Legendary Edition remastered the trilogy beloved by millions of players worldwide. Now that it’s out, how is the game faring? What did the critics say? How did the fans like it?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Metacritic Score: 84 for PC, 89 for PS4, 90 for Xbox One

Some critics and game websites have already released their verdicts on Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Many other reviewers have chosen not to release their reviews yet until they’ve completed the roster. The game easily garnered praises from critics, even receiving a perfect 100 for the PC version from GameGrinGameGrin mostly focused on the improvements done on the first game of the trilogy. Among the three platforms that the remaster is available in, Mass Effect Legendary Edition received the most praise from Xbox One. The Xbox One version of the game has an aggregate score of 90 for the Xbox One platform. Meanwhile, it received 85 for PC and 88 for PS4.

Critics praised how Bioware effectively tied the trilogy together into one cohesive experience. Many of the reviews also praised the way Bioware revitalized the first game of the series, making it playable once again for first-timer modern audiences. Meanwhile, there have been criticisms with regards to how the improvements in AI behavior and the covering system disappointed their expectations. The PS4 and Xbox One versions had the best optimization which contributed to their higher score compared to PC.

Fans are not so happy on Steam at launch

Meanwhile, the Steam version of the game already received negative feedback from players. Currently, the game received Mixed Reviews, with only 67% of the 187 reviews being positive. While the majority of fans of Steam still felt happy about the release, there have been a few issues that really upset some fans. There have been complaints on the keyboard and mouse controls implementation, citing negative mouse acceleration. There have also been complaints about the game’s 21:9 aspect ratio, which reverts back to 16:9 every time the game enters a dialogue or cutscene. Of course, there have been the usual complaints when it comes to EA titles on Steam: the integration of Origin.

However, a couple of days later, fans finally rallied behind the game. It eventually received a Very Positive review score from Steam, with 84% of users giving it a thumbs up.

If you’re still holding your wallet contemplating buying the Legendary Edition, you can wait out until more reviews pour in. After all, there have been mods that improved the original games that are almost on par with the remaster. If you have the patience to wait, then you can apply that patience to mods. Meanwhile, you can sate your thirst for Mass Effect content with Steam’s Points Shop for the remastered trilogy. By using Steam Points, you can chat with your friends with animated stickers and emoticons, or decorate your Steam profile with backgrounds.