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Mass Effect Legendary Edition used mods as benchmark for the remaster

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, EA, Bioware

The Mass Effect community only has itself to thank for the wonderful upgrades that the developers introduced in Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect mods made sure Legendary Edition will look fantastic

As reported by PC Gamer, Bioware admitted that they looked at mods for the Mass Effect Trilogy and used them as a benchmark. Project Director Mac Walters had this to say:

“We actually early on looked at some of those,” Walters said. “OK, well, this is our minimum bar and from here we have to then go bigger, right? Obviously they have limited access as a modder to the assets that are in there. We have full access to them.”

Environment Director Kevin Meek agreed, saying: “They’re getting these great results with the A Lot of Texture mods and those other up-res ones. So, that actually started us down that kind of the path with some confidence.

With the limited access modders have to Mass Effect‘s game files, it’s actually amazing how they can push the boundaries of a game. Even for broken games like Cyberpunk 2077, modders find a way to improve games. Even with just demo access, modders already had enough resources to make amazing mods for Resident Evil Village. Some mods have become essential enough for games that even developers like CD Projekt Red seek out modders to help them in their next-gen upgrades.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases with a lot more new features than just graphical upgrades. It becomes the quintessential version of the Trilogy, making it the version to play if you haven’t experienced the game. Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on May 14, 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.