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Resident Evil Village mods from the demo and beyond

Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 8, mods, demo

Some players just can’t stand the horror that Resident Evil Village brings. Thankfully, some modders have already prepared solutions for that. Actually, some of these may even serve as nightmare fuel. It depends on how you look at it.

Resident Evil Village mods lessen (or adds to) the horror

Resident Evil Village modders have been at work even before the game came out. Now that it’s out, even more mods have surfaced. Modders only needed the files from the Resident Evil Village demo, and since then the game has never been the same. Some of the mods have serious agendas, like a third-person view or added playable characters. Meanwhile, others are just plainly for fun. Others are just weird. Here are some of the mods that we’ve seen so far.

Humorous Resident Evil Village mods

Ricardo Milos in Resident Evil Village, with a cameo by RE4‘s The Merchant – We understand why some players want The Merchant to stand in for The Duke on his store. But Ricardo Milos? We don’t know what went into the head of modder Marcos RC, but here’s the mod of your dreams (or nightmares) for the Ricardo fans out there.

Barney the Dinosaur loves you – Somehow, seeing a giant pink dinosaur within dark tunnels makes me want to run away for my life. The pink dinosaur may have had friendly days with kids throughout the years. But this mod by (yes, him again) Marcos RC makes us thankful that we never had to be in the same room as Barney as a kid.

Banana gun and spoon knife – Turns your gun into a banana and your knife into a spoon. Thanks a lot, Stevebg23.

Thomas the Tank Engine Dimitrescu – But of course, why did you expect anything less? Thomas the Tank Engine can replace Lady Dimitrescu here, so that you have a train chasing you around. But wait, isn’t Lady Dimitrescu not in the demo? Well, not if JTeghius Kittius has any say about it. Another mod replaces the vampire sisters with the model of the hulking gigantic thicc vampire, so there you go.

Baby Chris Redfield – SPOILER ALERT: Maybe the reason why Chris Redfield took your child is because… it’s actually his? This mod turns your baby into a mini-me version of Chris Redfield. Don’t ask us why.

Pudge makes a cameo as The Duke – Years of fighting for the Dire might have tired down the Butcher. It’s time for him to settle down. Learning from the Shopkeeper, Pudge sets up his own shop in Resident Evil Village.

Functional and Quality of Life Resident Evil Village mods

Third Person Mod and Cassandra playable character – On a more serious note, we also have modders making quality of life changes. This third-person perspective mod by DarknessValtier makes the gameplay less nauseating. It also confirms that the character you control is an actual human model, not the grotesque-looking whatever it was in Cyberpunk 2077. Meanwhile, many fans have been bewitched by the lady vampires in the game. Most fans have been thirsting over one of the vampire sisters, Cassandra, and a mod now exists allowing you to play as her.

No more flies on the sisters’ models – Want to take a better look at the (beauty? horror?) underneath the cloak? Check out this mod by xRaq that removes the pesky flies infesting the vampire sisters.

Resident Evil Village Reshader – Better lighting, colors, and atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to explore a well-lit horror castle and village town? Credits to TheBigRyan1 for this one.

Resident Evil Village arrived on May 7th, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.