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Mass Effect receives big bonus content drop ahead of Legendary Edition

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Mass Effect fans have been at the edge of their seats in the past couple of weeks. They’re bracing for impact, waiting for the release of Legendary Edition, which is coming on May 14, 2021, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To help them tide over the time while waiting, Bioware released bonus content for them to enjoy.

Mass Effect bonus content released by Bioware for fans to enjoy

Bonus content that previously released with the Mass Effect 2 and Deluxe Editions will finally be accessible to all fans. To help them ease the waiting time until the release date, Bioware prepared a download pack for these bonus content. Some of these have been unattainable for many fans until now, especially since EA made Mass Effect 3‘s Digital Deluxe Edition exclusive to Origin.

Meanwhile, Bioware also has something for those who need to focus on work or studies while waiting for the release of the remaster. To help you retain your focus on whatever important stuff you’re doing now, Bioware released the entire OST of the trilogy on Youtube. It has a cute animation of Liara working on the Normandy as an animated wallpaper for the video. Fans can consider this as a way to do their work alongside a crew member, so to speak.

Finally, Bioware also created a tool that allows fans to design their own cover art for the game’s box. Fans can download the images that can be shared on socials, in 4K, or as printable cover art. The printable cover art comes with a PS4 or Xbox One overlay of your choice. It also includes the back part of the cover, so you can really have it replace the default cover.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14, 2021.