Matt Bonner talks about the chances of him staying with the Spurs
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Matt Bonner talks about the chances of him staying with the Spurs

Matt Bonner

The San Antonio Spurs find themselves entering next season in an unfamiliar spot as they will be taking the court without their five-time champion and leader Tim Duncan.

But Duncan is not the only long-time Spur that, most likely, will not be returning with the team next year. According to NBA veteran Matt Bonner, via Concord News Radio, he most likely will not be making a return to the Alamo next year.

When it came to speaking on his chances of being re-signed by the spurs, he had this to say:

“Currently they haven’t signed me. Unless something changes going into the season, I’m probably not going to be with the Spurs.”

As it stands right now it seems that both parties are aware that a breakup is inevitable.

Bonner definitely enjoyed his years in San Antonio, winning two championships with them in 2007 and 2014, as well as representing the team in the three-point contest in 2013. Bonner had averages of 5.5 points and 2.9 rebounds over his ten years with the organization.

Although Matt Bonner most likely will not be donning the black and silver this upcoming season, he has expressed interest in signing with another NBA team. A lot of teams could find use for a player like Bonner, as he brings championship pedigree to the roster as well a sharpshooting mentality.

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