Mark Cuban, who recently sold his majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks but will still maintain control of the Mavs' basketball operations, is pursuing a new online class venture. Cuban is set to teach a class with Masterclass on how to win big in business. Cuban will address a number of different topics while providing expert business insights.

“Business is the most competitive sport,” Cuban said in the trailer for his class with Masterclass. “I think about my competitors all day every day… In this class, I'm going to teach you all the little things business schools forget to teach you.”

Cuban's expertise will help business professionals and those looking to get into the business industry. He revealed why he decided to partner with Masterclass as well, via the press release.

“People fail in business because they don’t know what they’re doing,” Cuban said. “I partnered with MasterClass because I want members to meet and exceed every goal in business they’ve ever had. I’ll teach members how to find their edge so that they can
create successful businesses.”

Mark Cuban also made an intriguing admission about selling his majority stake in the Mavericks during his class.

Mark Cuban addresses Mavericks sale

“No matter what percentage of the Mavs I own, running a team is what I love the most,” Cuban said. “And so, yeah, I learned a lot from running the Mavs. One, I learned that running a professional sports team like the Dallas Mavericks is completely unlike any other business or industry anywhere in the world…. Families don't grow up cheering for Google. Google can have their best quarter ever, set every record possible, nobody throws a parade.

“When a team goes on a run and does really, really well during the season and in the playoffs, the whole city is on fire. When you go to a Mavs game, you walk in the door, you feel the energy. You feel the excitement.”

Members of Mark Cuban's class can learn more about his ownership of the Mavericks. They will also learn tips for the business industry that you won't find anywhere else.