Mavs news: Dennis Smith Jr. keeps it cool despite losing a tooth vs. Clippers
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Mavs’ Dennis Smith Jr. keeps it cool despite losing a tooth vs. Clippers

Dennis Smith Jr., Mavs

A hard collision with LA Clippers hard-nosed defensive ace Patrick Beverley caused Dallas Mavericks point man Dennis Smith Jr. to lose a tooth early in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s 114-110 win.

The two point guards hustled for a loose ball, as Beverley aggressively landed on top of Smith, nicking him in the moneymaker with his right elbow, as seen in this slow-motion replay:

While his front tooth coming loose was not a pretty sight for him or for the local fans, the 21-year-old was in good spirits after taking a good look in the mirror:

“Whenever there’s cameras, then it’s going to social media. Whenever it’s social media, then there’s ladies lookin’. When there’s ladies lookin’, I gotta be lookin’ nice,” Dennis Smith Jr. told reporters postgame, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

“I’m still pretty as a girl. I’m still pretty, so I’m good.”

Mavs fans reacted to Beverley’s overly aggressive play, as longtime season ticket holder Don Knobler got into a verbal spat with the Clippers point guard, which resulted in getting a basketball thrown his way and Beverley’s ejection.

Dallas didn’t have a problem keeping the Clippers at bay, using the point advantage they had created during the last two quarters to pull away and snatch a win from one of the West’s most surprising teams this season.

Dennis Smith Jr. had his missing tooth put back after the game, something the media was uber curious about during the postgame availability:

“It’s magic, it’s magic,” said Smith. “You know, my dad used to hang with Dr. Strange. He do magic and all that.”

Fortunately, the North Carolina native was in good spirits, after fighting tooth and nail during a grind-out game that coach Rick Carlisle called “one of the most competitive things I’ve seen in a long time.”