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VIDEO: Deron Williams shares funny moment of Dirk Nowitzki asking for help

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When you’re a retired NBA superstar during a time where staying at home is highly encouraged, it’s not that difficult to lock yourself up indoors. However, Mavs icon Dirk Nowitzki found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fellow retired player and ex-Dallas Mavericks teammate Deron Williams shared a video to his Instagram followers of an odd day where he had to leave his home during his self-imposed quarantine to bail the Tall Baller from the G from a sticky situation. Dirk was stuck in the mud with his van and had to enlist Williams’ help with his big pickup to bail him out.

It was a pretty bizarre situation that reminded everyone that as much as Dirk is a fantastic player, he still makes questionable decisions from time to time.

First of all, almost all car owners will agree that Dirk’s decision to go offroading with a van is a wrong move. Not only is the van too heavy for such a situation, you can see in the video that the wheels are hardly suitable for muddy surfaces. It wasn’t hard to see why the Mavs great would be stuck in such a predicament.

Another painful thing for the fans to see would be the muddy sneakers Dirk was donning. He obviously had to get out of his car to attach his van to Williams’ pickup, and his shoes was an unfortunate casualty. However, it’s not like those are his only pair: he’s a superstar who has more than enough dough to splurge on a couple of icy footwear.

While Dirk Nowitzki may have been out due to urgent business, it’s still funny that he was stuck in such a situation. The funny moment with Deron Williams only reminded fans why they are so enamored with Nowitzki in the first place.

Fans are reminded to not go out unless it’s necessary so that it will be easier to contain the coronavirus.