While the Dallas Mavericks have now paid a total of $175,000 in fines due to their bench tomfoolery in the 2022 playoffs, Jason Kidd has no plans of stopping his players from cheering on their teammates.

The Mavs got hit with a $100,000 fine for their Game 2 antics that interfered against the Golden State Warriors. They also received a fine twice–$25,000 in the first offense and $50,000 in the second–in their West semis series against the Phoenix Suns, with the punishment increasing in each violation.

Despite the celebrations being quite costly for the Mavs, Kidd shared that it won't deter them from sitting in games and staying silent. On a more positive note, the team sees it as donating to charity.

“It’s the league’s decision to fine, but we’re not going to sit. We’re going to cheer,” Kidd said before Sunday's Game 3, per Callie Caplan of the Dallas Morning News. “The positive the bench can look at is they’re donating to charity…

“You haven’t heard us complain about anything… We’re not a complaining organization. We win with class and we lose with class.”

Certainly, the Mavs don't care about being fined. With that said, don't expect the players to just sit down and watch while their teammates play on the court. In the contrary, it might have just motivated them to continue cheering.

For what it's worth, Mavs owner Mark Cuban doesn't seem to have a problem with it as well. He loves their bench celebrations, so it doesn't appear he'll have an issue paying another fine.