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Mavs’ Kristaps Porzingis addresses ‘glass body’ concerns


Kristaps Porzingis’ season-ending injury was a big gut blow to the Dallas Mavericks, as they hope to muster two more wins against the favored Los Angeles Clippers looked all the grimmer after his injury was announced. It didn’t take long for the Latvian forward to face concerns about his “glass body” after coming off missing a season-and-a-half with a torn ACL.

“I can’t really be too worried about that,” said Porzingis, who missed the last three games of the series with torn cartilage in his right knee, according to The Associated Press. “Both of them were contact injuries. What I can do is just focus on the work that I can put it to make sure that I decrease the possibility of that happening. That means strengthening everything and trying to do all the preventative work I can. That’s in my hands. I can’t be too frustrated over these type of things.”

Kristaps Porzingis played in 57 games this season, which isn’t bad considering he was coming off a long-term injury and adjusting to a new team. He missed 10 games before the NBA season came to a halt and played in six of the eight seeding games, scoring 22 or more points in each of them.

While he’s had his share of woes recovering fully, it will take more time to decide whether he really has a “glass body” or not. An ACL injury to a player his size is somewhat of an anomaly, considering his 240-pound frame is not usual for a 7-foot-3 stretch-four.

Ultimately, all that’s in Porzingis’ power is to heal up from his meniscus tear and see how he recovers from it by the time next season starts.