The Dallas Mavericks are desperate to correct last season's pitfalls and re-establish themselves as a formidable power in the Western Conference. But that doesn't mean that Kyrie Irving is not also finding time to let loose on the basketball court. The Mavs star revealed his new celebration for when he breaks an opposing player's ankles.

“So you saw Aaron Rodgers do the {title belt celebration}, mine is called the bus driver,” Irving explained, via ClutchPoints (originally Diamond Dog). “Strap up and get ready kids. Every time you see me put somebody on skates (does seat belt motion), put 'em in the back of the bus where the kids belong.”

Give the 2016 NBA champion credit for the creativity. Such a celebration has the potential to catch on quickly with the masses and do wonders for Irving's brand. Though, few are going to have much patience for any shenanigans if Dallas fails to obtain positive results. The “Kyrie problem” narrative will then sprout to full form.

Now, that might seem like an overreaction, but the Mavs must take a massive leap forward this season. They are committed to the All-Star backcourt pairing of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, so any missteps will be an optics nightmare. Fair or not, the controversial point guard will be saddled with much of the blame.

If the team is winning, however, then this celebration should only enhance Irving's image. His elite ball-handling skills should give him plenty of opportunities to break it out during games. The Mavs are getting an early start on preseason play when they battle the Minnesota Timberwolves this Thursday in Abu Dhabi.

Be on alert for a potential test run of the “bus driver.”