Mavs news: Luka Doncic pokes fun at Dirk Nowitzki for tweet about him
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Mavs’ Luka Doncic pokes fun at Dirk Nowitzki for tweet about him


Luka Doncic was surprised to see his former Dallas Mavericks teammate Dirk Nowitzki praising him for a rousing start to the season, questioning whether it was the Mavs legend who pressed the tweet button.

Doncic is coming off two extraordinary performances. His first a triple-double in a showdown overtime loss against the Los Angeles Lakers, only to come back a couple of days later to repeat it in a 20-point blowout of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Slovenian wonderkid has three triple-doubles on the season and is now tied with reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo for the ninth-best scorer in the league with 26.7 points per game. Doncic is also averaging 10.3 rebounds and 9.5 assists through six games — threatening for a triple-double season after three consecutive ones from Russell Westbrook.

Nowitzki has been the reality-checking, fun-poking old man in the locker room in his past few years, always giving Doncic some hell for his youth. Yet his ability has never been put in question, and his development this quickly has made Nowitzki confident about his decision to retire last season.

Doncic has a very promising future ahead as the cornerstone player of the franchise, and given the Mavs’ 4-2 start to the season, that future may be coming a lot sooner than some expected.