In case you missed it, Luka Doncic is now absolutely jacked. The Dallas Mavericks star has long been criticized and made fun of for his… doughy body. Unlike most of today's stars, Doncic simply wasn't as ripped as say, LeBron James or even Paul George. He's been incredible, but fans always felt that he could be more dominant.

Well, this offseason, it seems like Luka has made it his goal to get in proper shape. The Mavs star looks a lot different playing for Slovenia in the FIBA European Qualifiers. Gone are the chubby arms from Doncic. Now, we get muscles that casual fans could only dream of having. (via Instagram)


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Doncic is slowly but surely ascending to the top of the NBA's food chain. The Mavs star has morphed into an otherworldly player capable of taking over games on a whim. However, the biggest criticism of Doncic has been his conditioning. Fans noted that he would often look gassed at the end of games. They attributed it to his physique, for the most part.

Well, this year's Eurobasket is showing that Luka Doncic has been working on his body and stamina in the offseason. His muscles are a lot more defined now, and he's clearly moving better in the waning moments of the game. This pretty move from the Mavs star in their game against Lithuania is something you'd rarely see from him in the NBA.

With the NBA season starting in a month, Luka Doncic is already looking like he's ready to dominate the competition again.