After Dirk Nowitzki and his family watched and supported Luka Doncic and Slovenia in their FIBA World Cup qualifier against Sweden on Sunday, the young playmaker made sure to show his appreciation for the Dallas Mavericks legend.

As the Nowitzki family was heading out of the arena after seeing Slovenia win 84-81, Doncic ran, caught up with them and gave the couple a hug. He also greeted Dirk's kids as he was all smiles–clearly appreciative of the lovely gesture.

Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic have developed a strong bond despite playing alongside each other for just one year. Luka's rookie season with the Mavs in 2018-19 was also Dirk's last in the NBA in what many saw as a passing of the torch year between the two European greats.

The two often poke fun at each other, which is definitely a clear sign of an awesome friendship. For what it's worth, during the Slovenia-Sweden game, Dirk appeared to troll the Mavs playmaker by joining the crowd in chanting “overrated.”

Now we're not sure if Luka has already seen that video or not, but if he did, we're pretty sure he tried to get back at Dirk when he ran to them. If he hasn't yet, then fans can expect some sort of light jabbing between the two on social media.