Mavs news: Mark Cuban chimes in on Kanye West's presidential bid
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Mavericks’ Mark Cuban chimes in on Kanye West’s presidential bid

Mark Cuban, Mavs, Kanye West

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban isn’t buying in on the Kanye West For President 2020 train. The 61-year old mogul recently confirmed that though he is a fan of the music-turned-fashion icon, he’s not exactly voting him into the White House.

Cuban talked to NBA Insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson to share his thoughts on this year’s mid-term elections, as well as other important matters that concerns the Dallas executive.

When asked if he would actually vote for Mr. West, Cuban’s answer was pretty straightforward.

“No. I wouldn’t vote for Kanye.” said Cuban. “Love his music. Will buy his music, his shoes and maybe even buy his gear at the Gap. But I wouldn’t vote for him.” (per

The Mavs owner recently put out a tweet that was seen by many as him backing the rapper’s Presidency bid. Which, according to Cuban himself, isn’t quite the case.

Cuban only mentioned that he would have West above President Donald Trump ahead in his ballot only if rank choice voting was available. Given that that’s not an option right now, it’s pretty clear that Cuban’s not shading Kanye’s circle if he indeed includes himself in the upcoming elections.

Obviously, there are a lot of other things right now that the exec is focused on. Cuban’s Mavs are looking to complete an impressive season behind star guard Luka Doncic ahead of the NBA season restart. Dallas is currently in the seventh spot and will look to further improve their standing come the seeding games in Orlando.