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Mavs schedule workout with Jaren Jackson Jr.

jaren jackson jr

NBA Draft prospect Jaren Jackson Jr. has scheduled a workout with the Dallas Mavericks.

As reported by Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports:

Jackson recently worked out for the Phoenix Suns and according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the 18-year-old forward had a “monster workout,” and is projected to fall within the Top 10. As the workouts continue, fans can expect Jackson to garner more attention from teams.

Jackson Jr. actually spoke about the said workout, per Michael Cunningham of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

I think this was a great workout. It was probably different. We just did different things. I thought I shot well. Got up and down a little bit. It wasn’t nothing too taxing but it was an hour and we focused on a lot of things, like more intricate parts of he game, like where I would get shots instead of a normal camp-type workout.

He also shared some of his plans with regards to decision-making. In this era of the NBA, bigs are having a more active role when handling the ball. Jackson said that he sees the floor very well and is capable of making reads. But as always, there’s room for improvement:

I always can improve it. In terms of decision-making, I think I see the floor pretty well if I can catch it and make reads. Definitely I want to improve the delivery, the passing. At State I had some turnovers I didn’t have to have if I’d delivered it better.