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Mavs’ DeAndre Jordan gets absolutely ripped on Twitter for lack of defensive effort vs. Jazz

DeAndre Jordan is the proud owner of a massive contract this season and the Dallas Mavericks were hoping that the All-Star center would bring his intensity with him from the Los Angeles Clippers. Unfortunately, Jordan failed to show up ready to play against the Utah Jazz Wednesday and the big man’s off night was a major factor in the team’s 15-point loss.

The Mavs moved to 3-8 on the season and Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune broke down several plays where Jordan came up short in terms of effort on both ends of the floor.

DeAndre Jordan finished the game with 11 points and 12 rebounds, but it’s clear that he was not himself. He only attempted five shots the whole night and he wasn’t a defensive presence hellbent on protecting the rim like he usually is.

The Mavs invested a hefty amount of money into Jordan in the hopes that they could achieve a hyperspeed rebuild after one year of outright tanking. They look like they got the next piece of the puzzle in rookie Luka Doncic, but at 3-8, they don’t appear to be out of the woods yet.

Despite the high investment in terms of salary, owner Mark Cuban and the Mavs did not invest in Jordan long-term. They only gave the big man a one-year deal. DeAndre Jordan is likely looking to cash in on another big payday next summer, but teams watching this game will think twice about awarding a massive contract to a guy that gives a complete lack of effort on occasion.