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Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman rips NY front office in savage rant amid free agency

Marcus Stroman, Mets

Marcus Stroman is one of the most beloved players in New York. The Mets pitcher has been one of the few bright spots for the Mets in what was otherwise a disappointing season. However, it seems like the front office doesn’t feel like Stroman is part of the team’s long-term goals, as they’ve been on the hunt for a new pitcher.

Knowing this, Marcus Stroman went on a Twitter rant against the Mets organization. The pitcher called out the front office, essentially saying that they’ll regret not wanting to sign him.

“I would love to be back on the squad next year. I’ve proven that I can pitch in NY…others usually crumble under that New York pressure. However, I know a source who says the front office rather the other pitchers on the market. I’m going to dominate wherever I end up!”


The Mets pitcher then cheekily quoted his own tweet, naming his aforementioned source… which was himself.


Sheesh. The Mets pitcher has certainly earned the right to talk his talk. Despite playing with superstar pitcher Jacob deGrom, he’s carved himself a name as one of the better pitchers in the MLB. He had himself a career year last season, starting in 33 games with an ERA of just over 3 runs. Despite the Mets’ late collapse, there’s no denying Marcus Stroman earned his spot in the league.

It will be interesting to see how the Mets organization responds to these tweets from Marcus Stroman. Will they double down and let go of Stroman? Or will they finally see the light and try to keep Stroman in New York? We have a lot more of the MLB off-season to find out the answers to these questions.