Sherrone Moore is the new head coach of the Michigan football team as Jim Harbaugh departed this offseason for the NFL. The Wolverines won the national title back in January, and Harbaugh left Michigan for the Los Angeles Chargers shortly after that. Sherrone Moore was the offensive coordinator for Michigan last season, but he is now ready to lead the charge as Harbaugh's replacement.

While Jim Harbaugh was the head coach of the Michigan football team, Sherrone Moore got to see the blueprint for success up close and personal. He saw what Harbaugh was able to do to win, and a big reason why Wolverines fans wanted Moore as the new head coach is because he wants to keep a lot of things the same.

One area that is huge for Michigan after winning it all is recruiting. Harbaugh never had the flashiest recruiting classes or the most stars, but he found guys that fit the culture at Michigan, and he found guys that he could win with. Harbaugh was able to develop talent like no other, and Wolverines fans are hoping that Moore can do the same.

Moore recently discussed what he is looking for on the recruiting trail, and he does a lot of work to find out the true character behind each recruit.

“For us, we dig deep into the guys we want to look at and the guys we want to recruit,” Moore said, according to an article from Blue By Ninety. “There’s a lot of questions you gotta ask. You’re not only asking them. You’re asking their parents, the janitors in the lunch room, the people at the front office, and everyone that’s involved with the kid. I’ve gone as far as going to the local gas station and asking them, hey, do you know this kid? How is he when he comes in? You’re trying to dig deep on every player. You have to figure out what the mold and the character are inside. You’ll find out how someone responds to adversity when you do that.”

Sherrone Moore knows what type of player is successful at Michigan, and he wants to continue to bring those guys into the program.

“We obviously faced, some quote un quote, adversity (last) year,” Moore said. “And we continued just to smash it in the face — because our players were all built and aligned and we have to keep bringing in those same kinds of people. That’s a huge part of it. You want talented guys. But they have to be a fit from a program standpoint for sure.”

Michigan football's 2025 recruiting class

Michigan head coach Sherrone Moore watches a play during the first half of the spring game at Michigan Stadium

The 2025 Michigan football recruiting class doesn't have a ton of commits so far and it isn't highly-ranked, but Sherrone Moore has landed some good recruits. The cycle is also very early still and there is a lot of time for that recruiting class to flourish. The Wolverines currently have five commits in their 2025 recruiting class, and all five of those players are four-stars. The class is currently ranked 39th in the country.