After eight rounds of old-man boxing, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.'s Saturday night bout ended in a draw.

The two former heavyweight champions tried to muster every bit of their old self in the exhibition match but fell short of the drama Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago generated years ago in Rocky IV. Still, both fighters had their moments which caused a stream of nostalgia for those who watched them in their prime.


Of course, no one wanted the same ending as the exhibition fight from the classic movie. In reality, the spectacle gave everyone quite an entertaining night as, outside of Tyson and Jones Jr., the event was also graced by the presence of Michael Buffer and, in a 2020-ish type of twist, Snoop Dogg.

Prior to the main event, another fight caught the attention of many: Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul. This one left a stunning scene after the bell as the YouTube star knocked out the former NBA point guard, leaving the latter flattened in the ring.

It's safe to say this isn't how pundits expected this one to go down in spite of the difference in length and experience between Robinson and Paul. Yes, the latter's lone bout prior to Saturday counts.

In the end, both main event stars Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. were satisfied with the outcome as money from the fight will also go to different charities.

The fight purse for this match was reported to be $1 million, which isn't bad for an exhibition between two legends.