Boxing legend Mike Tyson and YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul are set to face off in a highly anticipated bout with some unique twists, reported by Talksport. The fight, scheduled for July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will feature several modifications from standard professional boxing rules.

Tyson, who will be 58 years old at the time of the fight, requested that the rounds be shortened to two minutes instead of the usual three. This change is intended to increase the pace and excitement of the match. When asked about the alteration during a press conference, Tyson explained, “I wanted shorter rounds for more action. If we have shorter rounds, we’ll fight more. More action.”

In addition to the shortened rounds, the fighters will wear 14-ounce gloves instead of the standard 10-ounce ones typically used in professional boxing. While the exact reason for this change is unclear, it likely aims to provide additional protection, particularly given the significant age difference between the fighters.

The upcoming fight will mark a historic age gap in professional boxing. Tyson, at 58, will be facing Paul, who is 27. This 31-year difference surpasses the previous record of 24 years between Archie Moore and Mike DiBiase in 1963. Moore, then 49, managed to stop the much younger DiBiase in the third round of their fight. Tyson hopes to channel some of that same spirit and defy the odds.

Mixed reactions from the boxing World

The announcement of this bout has sparked a range of reactions from fans and experts. Many are concerned about Tyson's return to professional boxing, especially against a much younger opponent. Prominent figures in the boxing community have voiced their opinions, with some expressing strong disapproval.

Frank Warren, promoter for Queensberry Boxing, called the decision to sanction the fight “ridiculous,” emphasizing the potential risks involved given Tyson's age.

Eddie Hearn, a rival promoter, described the announcement as “very sad,” reflecting concerns shared by many in the sport about the appropriateness of the matchup.

Despite the backlash, Tyson remains unfazed. Addressing his critics, he said, “The people who said [it shouldn't go ahead] wish they were up here. Because no one else can do it. Who else can do this? Who else can shut the sporting world down, no one else can do it. So you got the both of us. We're friends, but in that ring we're not going to be friends.”

Mike Tyson's legacy and Jake Paul's rise

Jake Paul poses for photographers before the Miami Grand Prix at Miami International Autodrome
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tyson's storied career and legacy in boxing are well-known. As the former undisputed heavyweight champion, he has faced and overcome many challenges in the ring. This bout represents another chapter in his remarkable journey, albeit one that many believe should not be written.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, is in the prime of his physical career. At 27, he has transitioned from a successful YouTube career to making waves in the boxing world. Known for his brash personality and strong social media presence, Paul has managed to generate significant interest and controversy with each fight.

As the date approaches, anticipation continues to build. The fight will be broadcast live on Netflix, promising to draw a large audience eager to see how this unusual matchup unfolds. For Tyson, it is a chance to prove that age is just a number. For Paul, it is an opportunity to cement his place in the boxing world by taking on a living legend.

Regardless of the outcome, the fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul is set to be one of the most talked-about events in recent boxing history. With shorter rounds and heavier gloves, it promises to be a spectacle that captures the imagination of sports fans around the world.