Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary, but Minecraft Realms is also on its 10th anniversary. To celebrate the multiplayer platform being a decade old, a special map is being given away to players for free!

Happy 10th Birthday, Java Realms!

According to the post on the official Minecraft website, over 100 map makers collaborated for the special “mega map full of multiplayer shenanigans.”

Oskar Thysell, Java Realms expert, says that the map began when he invited all the involved map makers onto a Java Realms world and told them to build whatever they wanted to. “Little did I know that every map-related dream I’ve ever had would come true! Cancel my 2’ clock, all my o’ clocks – I might need 10 years just to play through the whole map!”

Get the Minecraft Java Realms celebratory map here.

Check out some of the features of this map:

Nether Ninjas Resort

“There are roughly about a kazillion (to be precise) structures and a limitless amount of wow in this map”

Created by Robeens, 5hax, and Neylz, the Nether Ninjas Resort features some R&R. It even has a working beach volleyball section that you can play with your friends!

Plagiatus’ Lighthouse

Plagiatus’ Lighthouse is made by “a certified pillar of the mapmaking community,” pun intended. Players who climb to the very top will be rewarded by an Elytra course that will take them on a fast-paced glide through the many builds on the map.

Novo Àrd

Meet the Island city of Novo Àrd, and its architectural feats and massive scale!

“Welcome to Novo Àrd, a city that embodies the grace of Victorian inspired architecture and the intrigue of hidden mysteries. Its verticality, with towering structures reaching for the heavens, offers a unique perspective that few cities can match. Beyond its elegant facades lie untold secrets waiting to be uncovered. Novo Àrd invites you to explore its depths and heights, promising an unforgettable experience for the curious soul.”

– Quillmark

The Party Forest

“The royals have opened the doors to their chateau for the celebration, and you’re invited!”

Cross the river on a zipline, explore the rooms, and grab some dessert at Cake.Co. Players can also discover their green thumb and The Party Garden, “the one stop shop for all your garden needs!”

The Mundi Bunker

“Rumor has it that, inside of this bunker, scientists would test out new features added to Minecraft.”

Mapmaker TheWorfer27 hid a powerful machine inside that allegedly gives you the power to manipulate item displays in all kinds of ways.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary

This special Java Realms is part of the Minecraft 15th anniversary celebration. This involves 15 consecutive days of discounts, surprises, and blocky celebrations. This began on May 15th, and the Java Realms’ 10th anniversary fell on May 16th, the second day of the Minecraft celebration.

Minecraft was first made public in May 2009 with the Pre-Classic version and fully released version 1.0 on November 18, 2011, after two years of developmental phases. It has since been made available on a plethora of platforms, ranging from the Raspberry Pi to the PlayStation 4.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history with over 300,000,000 sales across all of its platforms as of late 2023.

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