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Minit is Epic Games Store’s free game of the week for August 5 – 11

Black and white Minit key visual with the Epic Games Store logo

Minit, a peculiar adventure game that prevents you to play each instance for more than a minute, is EGS’ free game for this week.

Minit is an adventure game where you explore and solve mysteries for 60 seconds at a time. You play as a duck-like creature in a monochrome pixel world. Every progress you make in every minute of gameplay gets carried over to your next playthrough. This allows you to try out new things and discover new secrets every run you go through.

You know something will be good when you see Devolver Digital’s logo in a game. But for a game that only lets you play 60 seconds of it at a time, would that still be the case for Minit? Thankfully, yes. Minit, after all, comes as a collaboration between veteran developers. Minit is a collaboration between Jan Willem Nijman, co-founder and one-half of Utrecht-based Vlambeer; Kitty Calis, who contributed to Horizon Zero Dawn; Jukio Kallio, a Japanese freelance composer; and Dominik Johann, art director of Berlin-based Crows Crows Crows. The game’s simplicity matches well with its 60-second bite-sized structure and the influence of each of the collaborators in the game makes itself felt all throughout, and the game is much better because of these.

Minit is free-to-keep on the Epic Games Store from August 5 – 11, 2021.