Michael Jordan recalls the time when the Jordan 1s were banned
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Michael Jordan recalls the time when the Jordan 1s were banned

The “Banned” Air Jordan 1s have started trending again with the shoe’s return scheduled to hit stores early September.

Many NBA fans are familiar with the story surrounding the shoe when it first came out. The league wasn’t going to allow Michael Jordan to wear them because the shoes weren’t “uniform” enough. Then Jordan was going to be fined $5,000 every game he wore them.

This may be a myth, or at least not entirely the true story, but either way, here’s Jordan reflecting back on his kicks being banned.

Via solecollector.com:

“It’s like a young kid when your parents say you can’t do something, and they wanna do it. I felt like I wanted to be different, and the league said, ‘Well, we’ve gotta stop that.'”

It’s safe to say, Michael Jordan won the war when it comes to separating himself from the rest of the league. His greatness and brand quickly became known worldwide – an unprecedented accomplishment for any athlete at that time.

Russell Westbrook will be a part of the Jordan 1s coming back. The shoe’s release is also tied to the Jordan XXX1, which has a similar colorway referencing back to the Jordan 1s.

Westbrook’s thoughts from earlier this week.

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